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My name is Dale Ovenstone, I operate www.lookreadlearn.com (established in 2009) from South Wales. UK and am dedicated to creating beautiful ceiling and wall  finishes, ideas, information and video tutorials concerning drywall texturing to a professional standard, which enables me to share my how to's with you.

whether you are here to learn new ideas and methods, essential skills and/or maybe to gain the confidence to beautify interior ceilings and walls at home into stunning works of 3D textured art, you proudly did yourself. Or to begin, or grow, an existing texturing business. Whatever the reason for your visit, I hope you find what you are looking for. If not, please contact me (scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

This is my story...

Having a passion for texturing ceilings and walls with 3d patterns, designs and effects to a professional standard using specialsit hand held comb tools, since 1981; on thourough internet research back in 2006, there seemed to be very little information for enthusiasts (as well as many professionals) to learn the art of DIY texturing (and especially, comb textures.)

Here is how lookreadlearncom was born...

Not many years ago, I discovered the interet at my local librarie's computer and searched DIY forums. There were plenty of ceiling and wall texture finish related questions; but there didn't seem much in the way of the answers.

Later that evening I had an inspirational idea whilst sitting on the couch, relaxing. So I grabbed some A4 paper and a biro, and took down steps and planned the synopsis and contents for my flrst e-book 'Nifty Tips n Tricks of a Professional Texture Practitioner.' This book would contain everything a newbie wanted to now about texturing ceilings and walls. Everything was covered!  

This very action prompted me to purchase a computer and connect it to the internet. I still enjoy creating e-books and video tutorials and DIY related articles and information, as well as practising my techniques.

The initial idea was to set out essential information into easy follow-able steps, as the subject of in-depth texturing and related techniques have never been created in such fine detail, or had been un-obtainalbe.

All materials and information offered herein is set out from this one important adage; making it essential for anyone with an interest and enthusiasm to follow the texturing techniques, tips and effects, from the very start of the texturing project till the final completion.

Here at www.lookreadlearn.com we hold stock of hand held (manual)texturing tools. Comb tools are adapted into sets of 3, and of which practitioners comfortably handle each comb efficiently to follow the texture procedures in the related video tutorials (or from their imagination.)

Each comb tool set includeds an invoice and a comb care sheet. The tools are packaged securely and shipped, tracked and signed for (tracked applies to not all countries) to your home address, to many countries in the world.

To get you off to a flying start to creating fine texture finishes, you will also receive a free DVD tutorial with any purchase of comb tools, at no extra charge to you.

If you love watching DIY tutorials, or to learn more about texturing tools or techniques; I have placed video demonstrations on youtube and the channel is updated contantly. Link below:


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02920 595962 (please include the correct dialing code for international callers. If you reach an answerphone please leave your message clearly)

Unfortunately I am having problems using SKYPE (even though I have the software installed) but I hope to sort this out in the near future, as an added contact gateway.

Thank you for reading 'about lookreadlearn.com.'

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Happy texturing for 2017 and WAY beyond.

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